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Dear MTBO riders,

This year’s camp will soon begin – and the weather seems to be quite nice with sunshine, just a little wind and nice temperatures for the season. So it will be fantastic out there in the forests.

The good weather and the fact that it is Easter holiday can mean that there are many other people in the forests than just us and this leads to a huge challenge with which we MTBO riders generally are not so good at: To show consideration and respect for the other guests in the forest!

We must therefore behave in the most considerate way towards other guests in the forest.
Warn that you will come if the other party has not seen you. Use the bell or make sound from you.
Keep a good distance (and if not possible due to narrow track or meeting a group of people…) THEN LOWER YOUR SPEED. Especially if there are kids among the group members. It is NOT the World Champs yet!

In addition, you MUST comply with the Danish rules for riding in the forest. This means that you are ONLY allowed on paths , tracks and roads marked on the map. You must NOT drive, pull or carry your bike outside the trails, path etc.. Unfortunately, on the recently held Pre-camp, we once again saw that this was not adhered to and quite likely with the consequence that we will NEVER again be allowed to drive in the forest again. The landowner was furious. But even worse… The forest owners talk together and all it takes is only one bad experience for the forest owners to stop for permits in the future.

If you violate rules and move outside the paths with what we believe is full deliberation, then organizers, as described in the bulletin will exclude the person from the rest of the camp without compensation! 
I sincerely hope it won’t be necessary.

Ride safe – always keep to the right on tracks.
Ride respectfully – ultimately lower your speed
And Enjoy…

Event director

Bjarne Hoffmann

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